UK Releases New Antisemitism Report Amid New Spate of Attacks on London Jews

UK Releases New Antisemitism Report Amid New Spate of Attacks on London Jews

Andrew Bernard

Members of Stamford Hill’s Jewish community. Photo: Simon/Flickr.

The UK’s Lord John Mann, HM Government’s Independent Adviser on Antisemitism, released a report Monday detailing recommendations to combat antisemitism amid rising antisemitism throughout the UK and a new spate of attacks against London’s Jewish community.

The report, titled Anti-Jewish Hatred: Tackling Antisemitism in the UK 2023 – Renewing the Commitment, includes ten recommendations for the UK government to address antisemitism throughout British society, including on school and university campuses and politically on both the right and left. The report also includes harrowing statistics about the scale of the problem.

“In August 2022, a survey conducted by the anti-racism charity HOPE not Hate looking into attitudes and identity across UK society found that 34% of those questioned in the 18-24 age group believed the statement that Jewish people have ‘an unhealthy control over the world’s banking system’ to be probably or definitely true. In sharp contrast, only 12% of those aged over 75 share the same belief which underlines why we should be concerned by the spread of conspiracy theories among the young and the role of online platforms behind it,” the report says.

The report’s recommendations include greater regulatory and law enforcement engagement with social media companies to remove antisemitic content, improved school curricula on contemporary antisemitism beyond Holocaust education, greater funding for the physical security of the UK’s Jewish communities, and improved data and reporting on antisemitic hate crimes.

The publication comes amid a spate of attacks on London’s Jews in recent days.

Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish community watch group, reported Monday that a Jewish mother and her children were racially abused and the child sexually assaulted in an attack on a public bus. Shomrim also reported Monday that a Jewish man on 9 December was forced to follow an assailant wielding a chain while walking home from his synagogue.

Transport for London and the London Metropolitan Police did not immediately respond to The Algemeiner for comment.

Dubbed a “hate crimes pandemic” by Jewish community organizations, the uptick in antisemitic harassment has sustained itself for over two months.

As of Dec. 8, The Metropolitan Police Service had recorded 534 antisemitic hate crimes this year. There were 45 in the month of November, according to the department’s latest data.

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