Rocket Fired from Gaza Lands in Open Terrain in Southern Israel

Rocket Fired from Gaza Lands in Open Terrain in Southern Israel

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Rockets are launched by Palestinian terrorists into Israel, amid Israel-Palestinian fighting, in Gaza, August 7, 2022. Photo: Reuters/Mohammed Salem REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Sirens alerting of incoming rockets were triggered off in southern Israel on Saturday, the Israeli military confirmed.

According to a subsequent update by the Israel Defense Forces, a single rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in open terrain in southern Israel, causing no damage. The Iron Dome missile shield was not activated.

A group calling itself the “Gaza Lions’ Den” claimed responsibility for the attack.

This comes amid heightened Israeli-Palestinian tensions, and following calls by Gaza-based terrorist groups to ramp up the violence against Israeli targets.

The past week and a half, however, was one of relative quiet in the Palestinian enclave. Last Wednesday, an explosive device detonated in the early afternoon near the border of the territory after an IDF bulldozer drove over it.

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