Let’s get the Tamimi facts right

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Let’s get the Tamimi facts right

Frimet Roth

Frimet Roth writes from Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Post is currently circulating a news item whose sub-title correctly asks “How does a terrorist who killed two Americans have an active Twitter account?

That terrorist murdered my child.
The photo accompanying the piece is of my child and me.
The source of the revelation of that account is my husband’s research.
Thus I feel compelled and justified in critiquing that Jerusalem Post item.

Just as most Arab language news services do, the Jerusalem Post has diminished Tamimi’s role in the 2001 Sbarro Pizzeria bombing to just barely this side of criminal.

Tamimi is described as the one who “drove the suicide attacker to the restaurant” and adding that the “perpetrator himself was killed in the explosion”.

In fact, Tamimi, was the mastermind of that attack. She was the perpetrator.

According to her own account, she scoured the center of Jerusalem for a venue offering the highest number of women and children as potential victims. She coached her human weapon, the suicide bomber. She accompanied him on their journey from Ramallah and as he carried the 10 kg. explosive-filled guitar case from East Jerusalem to West Jerusalem. She escorted the human bomb to the target she had selected. She instructed him to wait fifteen minutes before detonating to enable her to escape unharmed.

At no time did she drive. They came by bus and cab.

This evil mass murderer of fifteen men, women and children lives under the protection of Jordan’s King Abdullah II. She is free to incite admiring fellow Muslims to follow in her footsteps by hosting TV programs, guest appearances on talk shows and her Twitteraccount which my husband and I have requested be shut down immediately.

Tamimi was indicted in 2017 and her extradition from Jordan requested by the US Department of Justice. Her name was added at the same time to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list.

Despite Jordan flatly refusing the US extradition request, the White House persists in hosting King Abdullah and hailing him as a loyal partner in the fight against terrorism.

When covering this travesty of justice, I urge reporters to stick to the facts. Let’s leave the misrepresenting to our enemies.

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