Mendel Grossman was a photographer in the Lodz Ghetto

Mendel Grossman was a photographer in the Lodz Ghetto

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Mendel Grossman was a photographer in the Lodz Ghetto who risked his life to secretly document life in the ghetto. Employed by the Judenrat, he photographed official documents and recorded ghetto activities. He also used the photography equipment to secretly photograph life in the ghetto.  He took over 10,000 pictures of ghetto life from 1940 until its liquidation in September, 1944. Grossman died on a death march at the age of 32 with his camera still on him. Discovered after the war, the photographs he took reveal details about life in the ghetto during the Holocaust.

Yad Vashem is committed to collecting, preserving and sharing the memories of each individual who was murdered in the Holocaust. This Holocaust Remembrance Day, help Yad Vashem ensure that these stories will be passed on to future generations.

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