Group of Israelis Said Brutally Attacked in Warsaw by Arab Men Shouting ‘Free Gaza’

Group of Israelis Said Brutally Attacked in Warsaw by Arab Men Shouting ‘Free Gaza’

Benjamin Kerstein

Israeli Yotam Kashpizky after being beaten by a group of Arabs in Warsaw, Poland, September 8, 2019. Photo: Facebook screenshot.

A group of Israelis were accosted and one severely beaten in Warsaw, Poland by a group of Arab men, who attacked them because of their national origin, the brother of one of the victims alleged on Sunday.

Yotam Kashpizky was left with facial and ocular fractures by the assault, which his brother Barak described in a Facebook post together with photographs of his brother’s injuries.

Barak stated that Yotam was assaulted in the early hours of Sunday morning by “a group of Arabs” who attacked him without provocation.

“The Arabs began beating him and his friends only because they were Jewish,” Barak said. The group of Israelis were returning to their hotel from a nightclub, he added.

“A group of Arabic-speakers approached them and asked if they were from Israel,” Barak recounted. “When they replied in the affirmative, they were mercilessly attacked, accompanied by shouts of ‘f**k Israel.’” He later told an Israeli news station that they also chanted “free Gaza” during the attack.

Yotam, he added, was in a taxi at the time, and ran toward his friends in an effort to stop the attack.

“An Arab man, who was apparently wearing brass knuckles, punched him and Yotam lost consciousness,” said Barak. “Afterwards, another friend came out of another taxi in order to help.”

At that point, some girls in the Israeli group began to scream and the attackers fled.

Barak spoke bitterly of the bystanders at the scene, saying none of the Poles did anything to help.

“Even the security guards at the club who were called to help didn’t lift a finger,” he said.

“Yes, 2019, Warsaw, Poland, and the reality is returning,” Barak asserted. “Poles stand by and watch, while people ‘not of their people’ beat Jews to the point that they lose consciousness. Today it’s my brother, tomorrow it will be one of your relatives.”

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