Israeli ‘Fauda’ Star Tells UAE Fans…

Israeli ‘Fauda’ Star Tells UAE Fans ‘We Can’t Wait to Come Visit Your Beautiful Country’ Before Blessing Them in Arabic

Shiryn Ghermezian

Idan Amedi. Photo: Screenshot.

“Fauda” star and Israeli singer-songwriter Idan Amedi has shared on Twitter a video message to all his fans in the United Arab Emirates following the recently‐announced normalization agreement between the Jewish state and the UAE.

“If I can speak for all Israelis, we all think peace is a good thing. It’s the right thing and we can’t wait to come visit your beautiful country. Hopefully you [will] come to Israel as well,” Amedi, 32, said.

He then blessed those watching from the UAE, telling them in Arabic, “I hope all of us will live in peace and prosperity.”

The video message included a clip that showed Amedi’s music being played on the radio in the UAE, which he called a “kind gesture” that made him “very excited.”

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