Celebrities React to Hamas Sexual Violence: ‘Medieval Barbarism Unlike Anything in Modern History’

Celebrities React to Hamas Sexual Violence: ‘Medieval Barbarism Unlike Anything in Modern History’

Shiryn Ghermezian

Debra Messing during the Will & Grace 25th Anniversary Celebration at The Paley Center for Media in New York NY on June 5, 2023. / Foto: Alamy Stock Photo

Warning: This story contains graphic details about sexual violence, including rape and torture, carried out during Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre.

An event that took place at the United Nations this week about the sexual and gender-based violence perpetrated by Hamas terrorists during their deadly rampage across southern Israel on Oct. 7 has caught the attention of Jewish celebrities, who blasted those staying silent about the abuse that unfolded two months ago.

Actress and former Will & Grace star Debra Messing attended the UN event — titled “Hear Our Voices: Sexual and gender-based violence in the October 7th Hamas terror attack” — and said in a post on Instagram that the testimonies she heard about rape, mutilation, and other forms of sexual violence resembled accounts of “medieval barbarism unlike anything seen in modern history.”

“First responders attesting to the rape and subsequent mutilation of women and young girls. Survivors detailing women begging to be killed during their rape and torture. Forensic experts detailing the deliberate targeting of sex organs, shooting, mutilating, nails, and other means of torture including cutting off of breasts while the girls were being raped and still alive. There were gasps, and tears,” she wrote. “Powerful speeches demanding recognition and pursuit of justice by the UN Women, who have remained silent.”

United Nations Women — the UN agency for gender equality and women’s empowerment — released on Nov. 25 its first statement about the gender-based violence carried out on Oct. 7 — 50 days after they took place. A week later, on Dec. 1, the agency condemned for the first time ever the Hamas terrorist attacks. There have been calls to have UN Women disbanded for waiting so long to comment on the sexual violence, and on Sunday, Israeli actress Gal Gadot slammed the international community for staying quiet about the sexual abuse women experienced at the hands of Hamas.

Messing also shared on Instagram a clip of Iranian activist and content creator Mandana Dayani at the UN event discussing the Oct. 7 massacre by the Hamas terror group, whose main sponsor is Iran. She expressed disappointment in the “peers, friends, universities, and fellow leaders who still remain silent” about the sexual violence that women experienced. “You have made the deliberate choice to look the other way,” she said. “You saw the videos, the phones, many recorded and live-streamed by the terrorists themselves. You know exactly what happened to these girls and yet you turned away … When our women’s mouths were bound and gagged, you chose not to be their voice.”

Actress and writer Jenny Mollen Biggs, who is the wife of American Pie star Jason Biggs, also shared on Instagram a clip of Dayani’s speech at the UN event, calling it “just f—king brilliant.” Two days earlier, she shared on social media a testimony from a survivor of the Hamas attack on the Supernova music festival who witnessed the beating and raping of a fellow music festival attendee. Frustrated by the silence shown by feminists about such violence, Biggs wrote in the caption for the post, “Our daughters are being raped and shot in Israel, our daughters are being raped and shot in Sudan, our feminists are busy shopping for the holidays.”

In her own Instagram post, actress Mayim Bialik drew attention to a female-led demonstration that took place outside the UN event, where protesters demanded to know why the organization has remained silent about the sexual abuse inflicted on Israeli women. Demonstrators also used the hashtag “#MetooUNlessYouareaJew” to draw attention to their cause.

The former Big Bang Theory star shared a photo from the demonstration and wrote in the caption, “Note to the world: believe all women — even if they are Jews. Also, believe the autopsies showing grotesque sexual mutilation.”

“Finally, to the ‘anti-Israel’ protesters who literally marched at the UN as we ask for dignity for the women of the Oct. 7 massacre which used women’s bodies as war prizes: what exactly were you marching against in this particular case?” she added.

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