IDF thwarts Palestinian Islamist cross-border attack –

IDF thwarts Palestinian Islamist cross-border attack – TV7 Israel News 22.01.20

  TV7 Israel News

Today’s top stories 22.01.20;
1) The Israeli military said it foiled an attempted terror attack along the border of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, when three armed Palestinian Islamists crossed the border fence into Israeli territory near the Israeli community, Kibbutz Kissufim.
2) Forty-seven delegations from around the world are arriving in Israel’s capital Jerusalem, during which they are set to attend the Fifth World Holocaust Forum, which commemorates the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau.
3) The Islamic Republic has offered a 3 million dollars reward to anyone who murders U.S. President Donald Trump – in a move dubbed by a U.S. official as ‘highlighting the “terrorist underpinnings” of Iran’s clerical regime.’

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