Shlomi Shabat Joined by Fellow Israeli Singers

Shlomi Shabat Joined by Fellow Israeli Singers in New Rendition of ‘Ani V’Ata’

Shiryn Ghermezian

A screenshot from Shlomi Shabat’s music video for ‘Ani V’Ata.’ Photo: Screenshot.

To mark Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, popular Israeli singer Shlomi Shabat, in collaboration with a number of other well-known performers, released on Thursday a music video featuring a new version of the famous song “Ani V’ata” (“You and I”).

The original track was first sung by the late Israeli artist Arik Einstein in 1971.

Shabat’s rendition includes vocals by Israeli singer and “Fauda” star Idan Amedi, Israel’s Eurovision Song Contest 2020 representative Eden Alene, Liran Danino, Yuval Dayan, Guy & Yahel, Sapir Saban and Odeya Azoulay.

They sing, “You and I will change the world / You and I by then all will follow / Others have said it before me/ But it doesn’t matter / You and I will change the world.”

Watch the music video below:

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