Dylan Zajac is a grandson of Ania & Władek Zając.

Dylan Zajac is a grandson of Ania & Władek Zając.

All Saints Episcopal Day School

Dylan Zajac is a grandson of Ania & Władek Zając.

Be Kind: High school student from NJ refurbishes, donates computers to those in need
NEW JERSEY (WABC) — A high school senior from New Jersey is bridging the digital divide by giving away computers. Dylan Zajac, 17, launched the nonprofit ‘Computers 4 People’ about two years ago.
Zajac collects and refurbishes old computers and donates them to senior citizens, students, job-seekers, and community groups in need.

The young founder hopes to grow ‘Computers 4 People’ nationwide.
Zajac says helping people has been an exciting experience.

“People are super happy to get it, obviously, and it’s a really great experience to be able to offer this necessary tool to all these people. To be able to provide these opportunities that weren’t before available,” he said.

Zajac has donated 180 computers.

‘Computers 4 People’ is now working to supply 50 computers to senior citizens.

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