Terrorist with a Knife Neutralized Near Synagogue in West Bank Settlement

Terrorist with a Knife Neutralized Near Synagogue in West Bank Settlement

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Yatir Forest, in Yatir District, on the southern Slopes of Mount Hebron in Israel. Photo: Okedem / Wikimedia Commons

A terrorist with a knife was neutralized by Israeli forces on Friday near a synagogue as he infiltrated the West Bank settlement of Teneh Omarim, near Mount Hebron

“An alert has been activated regarding a terrorist infiltration into Teneh Omarim. The terrorist attempted to stab a civilian and was neutralized,” an IDF spokesperson said in a statement, adding that Israeli soldiers are scanning the area.

The terrorist was reportedly in critical condition. He was apprehended at the entrance of the settlement’s synagogue, where Shavuot holiday prayers were underway.

Footage posted on social media showed the gate to the Jewish house of worship, which used to be guarded by soldiers up until six months ago. However, they were removed despite protests from local residents and the gate is now being watched only by cameras. The synagogue is located quite far from the gate, which means the terrorist walked a few minutes around the settlement, including a playground full of kids, without being noticed. It is clear that he knew where he was heading as he didn’t attempt any attacks before reaching the synagogue.

There were no reports of casualties among local residents or security forces. The Home Front Command issued instructions for residents to immediately go inside, lock the doors and close the windows.

They must remain indoors until further notice. Vehicles are also prohibited from entering or leaving the area.

Earlier on Wednesday, the military reported that they have foiled a bombing attack planned by an Arab-Israeli, who was recruited by Hamas. The 20-year-old terrorist intended to attack a bus in the Hadera area, northern Israel.

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