11 Rosh Hashana stamps that tell the story of Israel

Israel21c11 Rosh Hashana stamps that tell the story of Israel

Rachel Neiman

ISRAEL21c takes a look at the Israel Postal Company’s annual tradition of issuing a festive postage-stamp series in honor of the Jewish New Year.

The Israel Post’s stamp series for Rosh Hashana 2011. Photo via israelphilately.org.il/en/

Every year at Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, the Israel Postal Company (previously the Israel Postal Authority) issues a festival stamp series including a first-day commemorative cancel for the series.

The first festival series was issued in 1948. It was designed by Otte Wallish, the graphic designer responsible for the design and calligraphy of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, as well as the state’s first postage stamps.

Wallish’s “flying scroll” design was based on ancient seals found on the handles of jars dating back to 700-600 BCE. According to the Israel Post website, it is impossible to say with certainty what the motif represents but since 1940s archaeological research associated the “flying scroll” with the first Jewish-Roman war and the Bar Kochba Revolt, it is fair to assume that Wallish was referencing this historical event as a parallel to the newly established State of Israel.

Festivals 5709 (1948) by Otte Wallish. Photo via israelphilately.org.il/en/

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